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LE GUN #4 promises a rich and slippery harvest of pictures and words, a catch that includes Polish artist-crustacean Andrzej Klimowski, Will Sweeney, creator of ‘Tales of Green Fuzz’, visionary draughtsman Paul Noble, and writing from beat generation expert Barry Miles and dandy of the underworld Sebastian Horsley, as well as fresh fruit from young novelist Richard Milward, ethnographic writer Iain Sinclair and the ‘Hunter S Thompson of Hartlepool’, Michael Smith.

Added to these afore-mentioned are the less well known but equally delectable new voices that have been chosen for fullness of flavour and keenness of eye...
The result is a vivid story of stories and stands as an independent work in its own right; somewhere between pulp fiction and an artist’s edition. Undigestible in one sitting, this confection asks to be treasured and revisited...

128pp B/W, 4 colour sections & Fluorescent Ink section. Published in Hackney by LE GUN Publishing 2008. Printed in Holland by Lecturis on 'Cyclus' 100% recycled paper, foil-blocked front cover with flap + lay-flat binding.

'A bit like Viz if it was edited by Eighties Pop artist Raymond Pettibon’ Arena Magazine

‘Plenty of terrific material … a spattering Uzi’, The Observer

‘...a visually fantastic compilation of skillful, provocative and intelligent art’ Cool Hunting

‘Something akin to a dense freewheeling visual poem.’ BBC Collective

‘The magazine-cum-collector’s item is one of the most well produced tomes to come out of London in years...’ Flavourpill

Originally delivered to London shops in a battered purple suitcase, LE GUN is now available worldwide. Its international readership is also reflected in the thousands of submissions it receives per issue. LE GUN is available at bookshops, galleries and news stands world wide, and online at www.legun.co.uk




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