LE GUN Nr. 6 — in stock now!

LE GUN Nr. 6 — in stock now!

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The idiosyncratic, independent tome that celebrates emerging and established narrative art returns with a long awaited sixth issue! Make the most of the first advance copies with a special price to kick things off...


After a hiatus exhibiting their 3D immersive drawings at shows such as Memory Palace at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Paths to Utopia at Somerset House, and at galleries around the world from Brussels to Beijing, LE GUN are returning with a new publication: LE GUN 6.

Join the washed up hack Herbert Fischl as s/he begins an odyssey searching for the truth behind the illusion, losing his sense of reality while assembling a bizarre and fractured news report...

The man who can’t visualise a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot 
– André Bréton


Somewhere between art object and pulp fiction, LE GUN is a large format, independently published compendium of narrative art, featuring a riotous array of work by international artists, designers, and writers, celebrated and unknown. Called a “forum for experimentation” and compared to forerunners Raw, Bazooka, L’Assiette au beurre, and Archigram by Eye Magazine.

Deftly combining low-brow humor and irreverence with arcane references and homages to the likes of Baudelaire and Max Ernst, the wildly imaginative work showcased in LE GUN is sometimes shocking and subversive, sometimes haunting and moving, and always intricately detailed, personal, surreal, and honest. 
 – FAD

...a visually fantastic compilation of skillful, provocative and intelligent art 
 – Cool Hunting

The magazine-cum-collector’s item is one of the most well produced tomes to come out of London in years... 
 – Flavourpill