A bit about LE GUN

Established in 2004, LE GUN is an art collective 
<br>consisting of five artist illustrators (Bill Bragg, <br>Chris Bianchi, Neal Fox, Robert Rubbish, and <br>Steph von Reiswitz) and two designers (Alex Wright <br>and Matt Appleton) who met as graduates at <br>London’s Royal College of Arts. <br><br>As a team of artists they create idiosyncratic <br>imagery, which blends a punk, occult, pop and <br>surrealist aesthetic. <br><br>As well as being the producers of their cult self-<br>titled magazine, the group is internationally <br>recognised for their enigmatic installations, <br>design projects and art shows. <br>The particular style they developed, in which <br>the sum is greater than the parts, is what makes <br>LE GUN’s group aesthetic so distinctive.<br><br>Their independent narrative publication provides <br>a common ground for both emerging and <br>established artists, illustrators, writers and poets.<br><br>(Text by Bronwyn Carter)<br><p><a title="Link: http://www.legun.co.uk/" href="http://www.legun.co.uk/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">www.legun.co.uk</a></p><br><br><br>
Contact: legunshop@gmail.com